Belly Dance Fitness......Where You Get Shimmy, Shimmy Your Body Fit!


  • Belly Dance Fitness is a FUN approach to weight loss and fitness. It is an easy and low impact form of exercise that restores vitality, enhances mental focus, and reduces stress and tension in the body. Students learn the basics of Tribal Belly Dance Fusion, which mixes in popular dance forms such as: Hip-hop, Modern, and Salsa.
  • This blissful dance form boosts confidence, feelings of self-worth and self-esteem, and creates a positive space for a community of supportive women.
  • NO experience is required, no showing of the belly required.
  • Wear comfy exercise clothing, dance in socks and or shoes that allow for pivoting dance moves (Zumba shoes, ballet slippers, or shoes with the pivot on the toe).
  • Benefits include: Improved Weight Loss, Posture, Core Strength, Flexibility, Increased Feelings of Self Esteem and Confidence, and Overall Body Toning!

Led by internationally renowned teacher and Professional Belly Dancer, Fiona Rose. Belly Dance Fitness is great for beginners and women of ALL ages, sizes, and shapes!