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Fiona Rose is a Body Love and Weight Loss Coach.  She is the founder and owner of Love Your Body Fitness~Movement in Harmony with You! She is an ISSA and NASM Certified Personal Trainer who is passionate about helping women live their most FABULOUS and FIT life! She is a professional Tribal Fusion Belly Dancer with over 15 years experience teaching classes, workshops, and performing worldwide.

Her experience in the fitness industry has taught her that women who struggle with the ups and down of weight loss and gain often struggle with feelings of low self esteem and self worth. This is why she created the Love Your Body Fit Coaching programs, so women can truly feel EMPOWERED inside and out. As a Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master and Thetahealer, shehelps her clients heal their relationship with their body, mind, and food making weight loss success a journey of inner and outer transformation leading to true BODY LOVE.

Having overcome her own addictions to sugar, overeating/emotional eating, and body image issues, she is inspired daily to help as many women in the world who are ready for a total BODY and MIND transformation so they can live a life that feels AWESOME, EMPOWERED and FABULOUS!

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